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dokjeom's Journal

(> ° .°)> 독점 ~*~ A DBSK Exclusive Roleplay <(°. °<
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Welcome to 독점 - Exclusive, a TVfXQ! only roleplaying community.

This community was established out of the need for good roleplayers, and the wish to have an excellent roleplay with experienced muns, without drama.
Please feel free to take a look around.

Since the band only has five members, no other muses than Yunho, Jae, Micky, Changmin and Junsu are allowed to be claimed.



Short and simple:

This is an non AU-roleplay, so please stay realistic (This also means knowing DBSK's schedule a little)
Know your muse, no newbies. Experience with that particular muse and roleplay in general is wished for and needed
Have an LJ only for your muse
All posts have to be friends locked!
Every roleplayer in this community has to be at least 18 or above to keep the maturity up and not to be accused of verbal seduction of underaged persons.
AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) is a must, since roleplaying is done over it. This is not a LJ based roleplay!
And please no suicides, violence or anything of that kind, if not discussed with the Mod and the involved muses (muns)!
Please update your journal at least every three weeks. Logs are welcome, but not needed
If two muns talk, the muses neither ubers need to know it, only if both muns agree.



For this community, claiming is not open. You can try to talk to the Mod (Joongies Babeh) on AIM and convince her to take you but usually roleplayers are selected, asked and auditioned for this community. But still, if you're intrested, don't hesitate to ask.




After the muse was "claimed" please join the community by hand with your muse's LJ, and friend it. Your request will then be approved by the mod. 

When this happened, please make this introductionary post:

Muse's Name:
Muse's SN:
Muse's LJ:

Your Name:
Your SN:
Your LJ:

Your Age:

Experience playing your muse (please give communities and journals, if existing)


Have fun!

And this is all fictional! Those are not the real people! This is only roleplay!